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Kevin Christopher is Valedictorian at Baxton High School. He never had a girlfriend,
until he met Beth, the daughter of Pastor Huntington, the newest minister at the
local Methodist church. Even though she has Cerebral Palsy and is restricted to a
wheelchair this does not stop Kevin from falling in love with her. At the same time
Kevin’s eight- year old brother, Joshua who has severe Autism, one day
unbeknownst to his family is filmed by a neighbor’s I-phone as he holds and
tenderly caresses a dying bird. The bird revives in his grasp and off it flies as if the
love from the young boy’s hands gave it life once again. The video of this moment is
put on-line, which begins a viral phenomenon that will forever change the lives of
Kevin and Joshua’s family along with the town of Baxton, Missouri

With the world’s constant desperation for stories of hope and with the complexity
and exploitation of social-media, the town becomes a hub for thousands to flock to
in hopes of meeting and finding healing from this miracle boy of Baxton, Missouri.
Through the chaos of fame and expectations, which are of biblical proportion the
Christopher family learns that miracles are found within average everyday
moments, and fame has a cost. The story bids the question what is a miracle and
who has the right to believe in them?

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